About us

Information and Counselling Center

The Information and Counselling Centre (ICC) is a university-wide workplace that runs professional counselling services for students of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. In addition, it is active in project activities, where it often cooperates with guidance counsellors from primary and high schools in the Pilsen Region.

Comprehensive counselling for the UWB students

Whether students are looking for answers related to their studies, psychological support, legal or career counselling, they can contact the ICC. Everything about the counselling can be found on the Studentské otazníky website under the Let us help you tab.

Cooperation with schools

As a part of its project activity, ICC has been cooperating with primary and high schools in the Pilsen Region and with their guidance counsellors.


Univerzitní 20, 301 00 Pilsen
e-mail: ipcentr@rek.zcu.cz
tel. +420 377 631 350-9