Key Activities

Psychological counselling

Increase psychological counselling services

You have the opportunity to book a session. In addition our online support is also available via our chat counselling service and email counselling service.

Self-help group

Knowing that I’m not alone in “it” sometimes helps. Join our group. 

Support group

“Sometimes talking is enough”. Student support by a professional therapist. 

Information and prevention activities for children and adolescents

Prevention support programs for schools, where we use knowledge from the prevention programme Blázníš? No, a! (eng. Are you crazy? Well, so!).

Education and improvement of professional knowledge and skills of people working with children and adolescents

The school environment is an important place for supporting mental health, early identification and intervention in mental health problems, where the stigma associated with mental illness can be effectively tackled and the necessary care and support provided. 

The education of school staff is very beneficial as children and adolescents receive support in their natural environment, dropping out or interrupting their studies can be prevented and early intervention can be ensured thanks to the intervention of the teacher. Similarly, the training for other professionals who come into contact with people at risk of mental health problems or mental illness in their practice is also needed, so that they can acquire the competences needed to support the targeted people properly. This will extend support for the target groups and ensure timely care.

As a part of the output “Cycle of educational talks”, particular attention will be paid to the development of skills and competences of the mediating bodies so that they will be able to detect mental health problems in the target groups in time, to prevent the escalation of the problem, to act effectively and to support the target group.

Strengthening awareness of children and adolescents` mental health in school settings

School with a healthy soul

The output aims to destigmatize the topic of mental illness in children and adolescents and to support their education and stay in the education system by providing them with early help, a positive classroom climate and a professional, non-stigmatising access from school staff and classmates.

The information materials will focus on promoting destigmatization, education and information on the topic of mental health of children and adolescents in school settings. It will also include links to the project’s outputs and objectives (offering education for teachers, preventive activities for adolescents, etc.), the materials will also include basic recommendations (how to work properly with students with mental illness, where to go for help, etc.).

Project management and project publicity are also mandatory outputs.