Project partner:

Regional Education Centre and Language School with the right to take the state language exam (Krajské centrum vzdělávání a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky)

The role of the KCVJŠ in the Systematic Mental Support project is to develop educational programmes for teaching staff that will be available also after the end of the project.

KCVJŠ, specifically its InfoCareer (InfoKariéra) component, has been involved in projects of the Information and Counselling Centre of the UWB in the past. The project Education for success without barriers was extremely successful, its outputs were awarded the National Career Counselling Award.

KCVJŠ was created in January 2005 as a contributory organization of the Pilsen Region. It ensures the implementation of accredited educational programmes offered in the form of a Programme Offer twice a year. In addition, it also realizes turnkey events for the entire teaching staff and provides advice to schools and educational institutions on issues of methodology, school management and school facilities.

  • further education of teaching staff in schools and educational institutions
  • counselling for schools and educational institutions on issues of methodology, school management and school facilities
  • information on new trends and practices in education
  • coordination of support activities for schools and school facilities
  • cooperation on development programmes and other events

Cooperating organizations:

Fokus Praha, z. ú. 

Fokus was founded as one of the first non-profit organizations in 1990. Its mission is to support people with experience of mental illness, for whom it offers comprehensive community care in a non-institutional environment. They assist people in their centers where they provide social and health services to improve the quality of their daily lives. They also educate the professional and lay public. They engage in social entrepreneurship and employ people with disabilities.

They are actively involved in the implementation of mental health care reform.

Ledovec, z. s. 

Ledovec is a non-profit organization that offers people with mental illness and/or mental disabilities from the Pilsen Region support in maintaining and improving their quality of life in normal conditions.