Target Groups


High school students and university freshmen who have experienced mental illness or psychological discomfort. The focus is mainly on young people who are experiencing significant life milestones – the transition from primary school to high school, or from high school to university, when we will try to help them manage this new situation.

  • Psychological Counselling Centre at the ICC UWB
  • On-line counselling
  • Chat counselling room
  • Support group
  • Support of the Self-help group
  • Destigmatization program “When the soul is not a stigma”

Pedagogical staff

In addition to pedagogical staff, we target future teachers and non-teaching staff in schools; the professional public; health care and education students; informal carers; people working in social, counselling and therapeutic services.

  • Offer effective training for whole schools or individual employee
  • Educational offer and articles within  “Schools with a healthy soul”
  • Organisation of professional conferences 

The aim is to equip participants and interested people with the knowledge and skills to detect and respond appropriately to a possible mental health problem or ongoing psychological crisis in their pupils.