Project Education without barriers to success

This project ran from 1 July 2017 to 31 December 2020 and focused primarily on supporting primary and high school pupils with special educational needs (hereinafter referred to as SEN), children and pupils at risk of syndrom of child abuse, misused and neglect child. It also focuses on parents of these children, school and educational institutes staff involved in the education process of these children.

We believe that achieving a high-quality education improves the chances of success in the labour market. Pupils with SEN and their parents may face various complications and obstacles in the education process. Teaching staff are encountering an increasing number of pupils who need some form of support during their studies. The project has implemented a number of activities aimed at forming a safe and inclusive environment where all stakeholders meet, have opportunities to discuss and share current issues, have access to professional counselling, can further their education and can continue to use their experience in practice and in supporting pupils with SEN.